Best Online Sportsbooks For US Residents This 2020

Today, we’re going to identify the best online sportsbooks for US residents this year, and why you should sign up with them.

Best Online Sports Betting Sites For US Residents

Sports betting is gaining traction in most US states. More and more states are starting to legalize sports betting and this is good news to all US residents interested in wagering on sports.

For those in a hurry, here’s our list of the best sports betting sites for US residents this 2020.

The Best Sports Betting Site For US Customers


Best Odds. Easy Payouts. Great Promotions.

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5Dimes is our top pick when it comes to sports betting sites that cater to US customers. They offer the best odds among major online sportsbooks and give their clients the right to fast and easy payouts. 5Dimes also offers a ton of promotions that both old and new customers can enjoy.

5Dimes is the Best Online Sportsbooks For US Residents

Other Online Sportsbooks For US Residents You Should Consider logo


Fast and Easy Payouts. Top-Notch Promotions and Offers.

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Competitive Betting Platform. Responsive Support.

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Trusted Betting Company. Great Odds for US-based Sports.

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Up-and-Coming Sports Betting Site. Easy To Use Web Interface.

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It really is not that surprising to see the rise of online sports betting sites for US customers, since major sports like the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL are played in the United States.

Sports betting is still not completely legal in all US states. Here’s a list of US states that allow sports betting and those states who do not or are in the process of allowing it.

Sports Betting StatusUS States
Allowed Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, Indiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, West Virginia, Arkansas, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Montana, Washington, Washington D.C., Colorado, North Carolina, Tennessee
On-going process Connecticut, Maine, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Missouri, Kansas, Louisiana, California, Arizona, Virginia, South Dakota, Ohio, Wyoming, Nebraska, Alabama, Vermont, Florida, Georgia
Not Allowed Idaho, Wisconsin, Utah, Wyoming, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Idaho, Hawaii, Alaska, Texas, North Dakota
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How To Deposit Money To Your Chosen US Bookmaker

The easiest way to deposit money to your chosen online betting site is using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, or Bitcoin Cash. These types of currencies can be acquired online or through an application on your mobile phone or web browser. If you need more help using cryptocurrencies as a deposit option, you can check out this guide from BetOnline.

Another way you can deposit funds to your sports betting account is by using your credit card or debit card. All the sportsbooks we recommended made this option available to their clients. All you have to do is enter your card details, and your account should reflect the amount you deposit in real-time.

Person to Person deposits are also available in some US sports betting sites. You just have to contact their support team first, so they can give you further details on how you can complete your deposit. Moneygram and Western Union are the most common outlets used by sports betting sites. Although, they don’t mention by name on their websites.

Other ways you can deposit money to your sports betting account is through bank wire transfers, utilizing digital wallets like Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller, sportsbook transfer, or by sending out cashier checks.

How Do These Best Online Sportsbooks For US Residents Pay Their Customers

Different US sportsbooks have different ways to send you the money you won from betting on sports. Some might send it to you via bank transfer or by mailing you a check. Some may credit it to the card that you used to cash-in. And some might offer you the option to get your money using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

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For more information about the payout options of our recommended sports betting sites for US customers, check out the tables below.

5Dimes Payout Options

Payout OptionsLimitsFeesPayout TimeActual Payout Time
BitcoinMin: $50
Max: $10000
$45 or 3% of payout amount24 hoursLess than 24 hours
Bank WireMin.: $1000
Max: $9500
$806 business days5 business days
Cashier CheckMin: $1000
Max: $7,500
$45 to $8048 hoursLess than 36 hours
Account to Account TransferNo MaximumFree24 hoursLess than 24 hours
Sportsbook TransferNo MaximumFree24 hoursLess than 24 hours
Person to PersonMax. of $350$10 to $3848 hoursLess than 24 hours
Money OrderMin.: $1,000
Max.: $9,500
$8048 hoursAbout 72 hours

BetOnline Payout Options

Payout OptionsLimitsFeesPayout TimeActual Payout Time
Bank Wire TransferMin: $500/wk
Max: $3000/wk
$45 or 3% of payout amount15 business days2 weeks
Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ripple)Min.: $20
Max: $100,000
Free48 hoursLess than 30 hours
Check by CourierMin: $500
Max: $2,500
$50 for <$1500 and 3% for >$15007 days7 days
Person to PersonMin: $500
Max: $2,500
$26 to $515 days5 days

MyBookie Withdrawal Options

Payout OptionsLimitsFeesPayout Time
BitcoinMin.: $45
Max.: $5000
Free2 Business Days
E-CheckMin.: $50
Max.: $1000
$5 to $40 depending on amount7 to 10 Business Days
Bank Wire TransferMin.: $500
Max.: $5000
$75 to $160 depending on amount5 to 7 Business Days

Intertops Withdrawal Options

Payout OptionsLimitsFeesPayout TimeActual Payout Time
CryptocurrenciesMin.: $100/week
Max.: $2500/week
Free48 hoursLess than 36 hours
CheckMin.: $150/week
Max.: $3000/week
$505 business days5 business days
Bank Wire TransferMin.: $150/week
Max.: $2500/week
$50 + Bank Fees10 to 15 business days2 weeks
NetellerMin.: $25
Max.: $2500
Free48 hoursLess than 36 hours
EU SEPA Bank TransferMin.: $10/week
Max.: $5000/week
Free2 to 4 business daysAbout 3 business days

BetNow Payout Options

Payout OptionsLimitsFeesPayout TimeReal Payout Time
Bank Wire TransferMax. of $3000$45 or 3% of payout amount5 business days4 days
BitcoinMin.: $5
Max: $15,000
Free24 hoursLess than 24 hours
Credit Card RefundsMin: $500
Max: $2,500
Available to those who deposit using their credit card7 daysLonger than 7 days
MoneyGramMax. of $300~$3524 hoursLess than 24 hours
Direct Deposit ACHMin. : $100
Max. :$1500
$704 days3 days

US Sports Betting Sites’ Customer Support

All our recommended sports betting sites for US customers have an outstanding and responsive customer service and support team ready to assist you anytime you might need help with your account.

They all offer live chat, phone support, and email support, so you can choose which one is easiest for you to use.

Chat. They have a live chat that you can access on their website whether you’re using a mobile device or a computer.

Call. You can reach a customer service representative via phone. All of them have hotlines dedicated to serving their clients in the United States.

US Online Betting SitesPhone Number

Email. If you prefer communicating with them using your email account, you can send your message through their contact forms or by sending your email to their support team’s email address.

US Online Betting SitesEmail Address
5Dimes[email protected]
BetOnline[email protected]
MyBookieContact Form
Intertops[email protected]
BetNow[email protected]
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Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Online Sportsbooks For US Residents

What is the best online sportsbook for US residents?

We highly recommend signing up with 5Dimes. We’ve been using them for more than five years now and have not encountered any issues using their betting platform. And their payout system is pretty straightforward. It’s very easy and fast to withdraw your funds on your 5Dimes account.

They also offer a wide range of sports to bet on, so if you’re interested in betting on international leagues in volleyball, rugby, cricket, or even non-sport events like the Grammys or Oscars, 5Dimes is the best sports betting site for you.

Can you trust our recommended US sports betting sites?

Yes, you can definitely put your trust in them. Those sports betting sites we’ve recommended have been in business for years now and have a great reputation among other sports betting enthusiasts.

If you want to worry less when you wager on sports, sign up with those betting sites.

Is it safe to bet on sports online?

If you’re with a reputable sportsbook, then you don’t have to worry about your privacy and safety when betting on sports online. Of course, you should still take precautions when it comes to accessing and managing your account. As long as no one else knows your account number and password, your money in your sports betting account should be safe.

The only way you will lose money betting on sports is if you don’t win your bets. So don’t be a square and start making bets like a sharp.

How do I place my sports bets?

Placing your sports bets is easy if you already signed up for a sports betting website. Once you’ve made your deposit and have enough funds in your account to make bet, you can start placing your bets.

You just need to select the sports you want to bet on like basketball, football, soccer, or other sports available in your bookmaker’s betting platform. Select the bet you want to make whether it’s a money line bet, game total bet, point spread bet, or a prop bet. Select the team you want to back and enter the amount you want to wager.

It’s not as hard as it seems there, since you can place your bets with only a few clicks. No need to drive to your local casino/sportsbook, and pay for gas or parking. Whether you’re staying at home, shopping at the mall, or on an airplane you can place your sports bets in real-time.

Which US sports betting site has the best odds?

5Dimes has the best odds among major US sportsbooks or online betting sites since they offer a discount for those who place their bets on their website.

It does not seem much at first when you can only save up to $5 per $100 bet, but in the long run, that number adds up and it can save you a ton of money if you plan on betting on sports for each sports season.

Should I use cryptocurrency for sports betting?

Cryptocurrency is one of the best inventions of this modern-era. It gives everyone the option to send money anywhere without having to pay for high transfer fees, allows for less waiting time, and gives better security and privacy protection.

If you haven’t been using cryptocurrency already, then you should consider using them as your go-to cash-in and cashout option when adding or withdrawing funds in your sports betting account.

How long before I receive my winnings from online sports betting?

When it comes to collecting your winnings from your account, all you need to do is make a request to your bookmaker.

If you’re with the bookmakers we recommend, you can simply head to their cashier page and process your withdrawal there.

As long as you meet their requirements like their minimum payout amount, you can withdraw money from your sports betting account.

The payout method and processing time differs for each bookmaker, and other factors might come into play like what country you’re in, the cash-in method you used, and the available payout options with your chosen bookmaker.

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